Truck Cabins


Truckers, is your cabin making you sick?

When you enter your cabin is there a smell?

When you turn your air conditioner on does it smell?

Does your throat, chest or lungs feel irritated?

Does your stomach feel upset?

It could be your cabin is making you sick!

Mould Doctor can improve the air you breath leading to better health and a more comfortable work environment. We sanitise your air-conditioner and thoroughly clean your cabin helping to remove smells and harmful bacteria.


What does the mould doctor treatment entail?

  • Clean and sanitise all controls including steering wheel.
  • Clean and sanitise your seats.
  • Clean and sanitise door liners, ceiling and floor.
  • Clean and coat your air conditioner.

Let the Mould Doctor help create better breathable air!

You can enjoy our on-site facilities while you wait, which include: a shower, TV room, lunch room, BBQ, microwave, free tea and coffee and friendly conversation.

Mould Doctor Work Depot

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