Why Consider Professional Odour Removal Services?

Unpleasant odours can appear in a home or business environment for any number of reasons.  In some cases, people are forced to vacate premises, and in extreme situations, others become sick with headaches or nausea when overwhelmed by an offensive smell. Pervasive, lingering odours often require professional help to control or remediate.  Correct identification of the cause of the odour and its removal can be difficult for those who are not experienced in this field.  Depending on what is causing the odour, being close enough to it in order to clean it may also put the cleaner’s health at risk without the correct health and safety equipment.

Odour removal can be particularly daunting to deal with if you work in musty old buildings, have habitable areas near garbage bins or commercial skips, have a smoking area or any other permanent or regular source of odour.

Health Risks

Not only are foul odours unpleasant, studies show that airbourne contaminants can affect the health of your family, employees and customers.

Odour can influence our neurological systems, affecting emotions and memory. Exposure to offensive odours can cause stress and/or reduced quality of life, especially if prolonged.  Symptoms which have been associated with odour exposure include the following:

  • Vomiting

  • Headaches

  • Nausea

  • Feelings of Stress, Anxiety and Frustration

Call In the Experts

The odour removal experts at Mould Doctor SA understand the potential negative effects that can result from a foul or stubborn odour. By calling us in, you tap into years of experience, expertise and the right tools to eliminate the unpleasant odour inside homes and business establishments.

Our odour removal experts can determine the source of the problem, clean the area with high quality professional products and provide you with tips on how to prevent the problem from recurring.  Our products are designed to prevent recurrence, or at least prolong the time before the odour will arise again, if the source is not removed. We are also equipped with safety equipment, which is important as the process of cleaning requires the cleaner to be close to the contaminant causing the odour.

Call Mould Doctor SA for reliable and comprehensive treatment if you have an odour issue in Adelaide, Barossa, Gawler regions.