Some unpleasant smells cannot be removed with bleach or soap and water treatment. Treating this kind of odour is a job for skilled professionals with the right products. At All Fresh Cleaning, our advanced knowledge helps us understand how to eliminate any kind of odour such as those caused by fire and smoke, mould and pet soiling.

For decades, homeowners have been using over-the-counter cleaning agents for cleaning and odour removal. These are effective for smaller jobs but not recommended when it comes to more extensive odour problems. Some of these “cleaning agents” don’t typically remove or solve the problem but only cover it up with scent.

Why Call a Professional?

Odour removal specialists are trained and know the right guidelines for eliminating unpleasant smells.  The first step in eliminating odour is to find the source of the unpleasant smell (ex. Dirty carpets, mould, garbage, spoiled food, etc.) Once the source is found, the odour removal specialists will thoroughly clean the surface affected by the odour.  The method and materials used will be determined by the cause and location of the odour.

Health is another reason why you should call a professional when it comes to odour removal and treatment. Bad odour does not only pose an irritant, it can also create an unhygienic environment where people,  especially children, might be exposed to a higher risk of contracting disease.  For these reasons, the odour problem should be taken care of as soon as possible, by a professional with the appropriate safety equipment.

Odour removal specialists have the right odour removal products formulated to penetrate surfaces to neutralize the cause of unpleasant odour. Specific products are used depending on the affected material (ex. wood, carpet, ceramic, fabric, etc.).

These trained professionals can handle most of the odours inside your house that can cause you serious problems. And if you are based in Adelaide, make sure to contact us at Mould Doctor SA and we’ll handle all your odour problems with our professional skills and experience.