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Getting on top of mould growth in the home or office quickly is important for the health of the occupants, as well as for preventing long term cosmetic and structural damage.

Whether you are a landlord, property manager or home owner, it is important that you take mould growth seriously, so call Mould Doctor for Health today for a free inspection of your premises.

Health Risks

Mould can pose a serious health risk. As mould grows indoors it releases spores into the air.

The health effects associated with these spores may include runny nose, eye irritation, cough, congestion, aggravation of asthma and respiratory problems, headache, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, skin rash and other allergic reactions.

Duty of Care

Those responsible for building maintenance or the health and safety of building occupants, including property managers, have a duty of care where mould is concerned.

Property Managers have a “duty of care” to take mould seriously.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to establish just why mould is present. If you are in doubt, call in an expert.”

“Remember, you must never ignore mould! Doing nothing is not an option as the mould will simply grow and spread.”

Extracts of article appearing in REINSW publication Chapter News Property Management dated 15 October 2008.

Property Damage

Mould growth can impair the normal function of equipment such as air conditioners and refrigeration units. It can stain and rot furnishings and cause structural damage to buildings.

Find out more about cleaning of air conditioners here.

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  • Inspection

    Our Inspection process involves the identification of all visible mould, identifying the source of the problem, and making recommendations that provide a real solution to preventing any further mould growth. We do this by way of Building Forensic science.

    An Inspection report is issued, illustrated room by room with photographs showing the exact extent of the mould growth.

    If necessary we will recommend Indoor Air Quality Testing.

  • Removal

    The removal process is unique to our company, where we remove all visible mould from hard surfaces, treat any carpet that may be affected and finally, fog the premises to eliminate existing mould spores.

    Our aim is to restore the premises to a state where the Indoor Air Quality is ? to the fresh air outside. This can be verified through the independent laboratory if you wish.

  • Prevention

    Once the mould growth has been removed we provide you with a number of recommendations that will prevent the mould from returning. Each situation requires different prevention strategies as mould can grow for a variety of different reasons.