Mould in your air conditioning system poses serious health risks that you might not be aware of. Yes, as indispensable as air conditioning may be, especially during summer, these appliances can harbour disease. It is important to have them regularly checked and maintained by specialist air conditioning cleaning experts to ensure complete safety.

Health Problems From Mould In Air Conditioning Units

Mould can grow anywhere. A person who comes in contact with mould build-up is at risk of developing health issues, the least of which is an allergic reaction.

It is mould in air con units however that may prove to be most problematic. Air conditioner mould spores circulate in the air, where they may be inhaled by the room’s occupants. Infants and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

Air borne mould spores may also release chemicals knows as mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are harmful compounds that cause severe illnesses. When inhaled, they may lead to serious conditions, such as pulmonary haemorrhage and pneumonia.

All this because you took cool room cleaning for granted? That’s just not worth it.

Mould Removal Tips

Want to minimise your health risks? Then, focus on prevention, and invest in air conditioning mould cleaning and maintenance.

This can mean putting in your own time to clean and remove any mould build-up. However, this strategy exposes you to harmful toxins. It is best to contract the services of a professional mould remover to do this for you. A professional will have the right safety equipment.

An expert mould remover will tell you that build-up starts with two things, dirt and debris that mould feeds on, and moisture. By depriving mould of these two things, you can prevent its growth.

Why Choose An Expert Mould Remover

There are several reasons to opt for expert help in mould removal, such as Mould Doctor SA.

Foremost is their know-how and experience. This guarantees that they’ll find all traces of mould. Mould gives off a musty smell but it isn’t always visible. An expert will know where to look and clean up. They will check your air conditioning’s ductwork and other intricate parts.

An expert mould remover also has the tools and gear that guarantee safe mould removal. You need more than a rag and a tub of water to remove mould. A professional service will make use of the latest technology to get the job done thoroughly, safely and quickly.

You can just sit back and relax, assured that all traces of mould are removed.