Article Extract: – Original article Dilvin Yasa: Our mouldy home gave me pneumonia and put me in hospital []: [July 24, 2016]

It never occurred Dilvin Yasa that her family’s health problems could be linked to the musty odour emanating from the bedroom. She attributed her onset of wheezing down to dust, chest infections to a trip to Beijing and her daughter coughing down to bugs from the childcare.

Eventually her chest infections became constant and her husband’s asthma worsened. There were unexplained headaches, random skin rashes coupled with constant lethargy and an almost paralysing inability to concentrate.

The problem eventually revealed itself via a dark-coloured dress riddled with tell-tale white spots. It was the only thing that could be seen with mould on it, but that was enough for Dilvin to act – even though I hadn’t yet linked been linked to the health problems.

The professional mould removers pulled apart the bedroom furniture and found the undersides of everything – drawers, bed, wardrobe – completely covered in mould.

Mould was also found in others room, tucked away from the visible eye and with no noticeable odour.

Cleaning properly is essential in removing mould permanently.

Cleaning properly is essential in removing mould permanently.

Although cleaning commenced immediately, care wasn’t taken to contain the spores which were blasted up into the air. Half an hour after re-entering the house Dilvin began to feel exhausted and feverish. By that evening, she could barely breathe and was rushed to hospital where staff struggled to get her oxygen levels back to what they considered a safe level. By the following morning, her six-year-old and two-year-old daughters had chest infections.


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