Mould Doctor SA provides comprehensive reporting to owners, landlords and property managers for mould inspections. Prior to commencing work, we have provide a quote with documentation including photos, methodology and estimates to carry out the mould removal.

When A Quote Is Requested

  • A sample of before and after photos to give an indication on how exceptional the process is.
  • Scope of works on how we will remove the mould or treat for mould.
  • Products that will be used in the process.
  • How we will go about the task.
  • Time taken to perform the works.
  • Reasons for the process taken.
  • Estimate to carry out the works.

On completion Mould Doctor SA will provide the following:

  • Before and after photos of the work we have completed.
  • A copy of Mould Doctor SA’s guide to mould prevention will be given to your or your client / tenant.
  • Humidity readings will be recorded.
  • Moisture readings will be recorded.
  • Temperature readings will also be recorded.
  • Air quality readings also available (this is an additional service).
  • A report with the above information and why mould had formed in the first place.
  • Ways to reduce mould from recurring.