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Mould Doctor for Health provide an exceptional service in not just cleaning of your HVAC room, but also in providing advice and solutions to better protect and ventilate the room in future.
Cleaning the room is of no long-term use to you if issues such as environmental factors, ventilation & filtering are not addressed at the same time.

Attention to detail is paramount, and Mould Doctor will clean not just the visible surfaces in your HVAC room, but more importantly equipment filters and vents, following up with a surface coating treatment to repel dust and contaminant particles, and provide further advice on other possible improvements.
A clean HVAC room and equipment are key to reducing running costs and improving air quality throughout the system, call Mould Doctor for Health to arrange a free inspection of your HVAC room now.

Case Study: City HVAC Room

HVAC rooms are designed to draw in air from the outside, filter it through elaborate filtration systems and then circulate the filtered air through the ducting system that services the building.

In the following images, it is obvious that the amount of build up in this particular HVAC system is quite significant. Air cannot flow freely and the motor running the unit would be working overtime to pull sufficient air through the filters. This puts undue strain on the motor and dramatically increases energy usage, equating to a shorter lifespan for the equipment and high energy bills for the company.


Filters used in an inefficient system clog in a very short space of time. In this instance the filters are in a fairly typical HVAC room and are replaced every six months. The build up shown here has occurred by the half way point – 3 months.

Air intake vent to the exterior wall of HVAC room

Air intake vent to the exterior wall of HVAC room

The main environmental factor in the case shown here is the location of the premises – a city location with a high traffic flow means motor vehicle emissions are in high concentrations. Combined with normal environmental considerations such as dust, dirt and mould there becomes a situation where the filters become clogged prematurely, and the entire room itself has contaminants covering walls, floors, ceilings and other equipment present within the HVAC room.

Fitting a carbon filter to an air intake vent located to an external wall

Fitting a carbon filter to an air intake vent located to an external wall

As part of the cleaning process within the HVAC room of these premises, Mould Doctor for Health cleaned the floors, ceilings, walls and vents thoroughly. The room was painted with an anti-static coating that inhibits the ability for dust sized particles to readily adhere to the surfaces – they will settle on the floor and be able to be vacuumed up regularly.

A carbon filter was fitted over the intake vents to filter the toxic emissions caused by motor vehicles and collect a portion of the other particles that come in, therefore prolong the life of the HVAC filters and equipment.

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