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Cool room cleaning is our expertise

img_home01We pride ourselves on increasing the efficiency of your cool room leading to substantial energy savings, cooler temperatures and improved air flow.

Cool room cleaning is a specialised field that should address more than just the visible cool room surfaces. Cool room pipes can contain biofilm, the fans and fins can be covered in mould, plus there are many other potential hazards that could be lurking in your cool room. Correct and thorough cleaning of all cool room related equipment is essential.

The entire process can take approximately 2 hours, and involves cleaning of the fans and fins, flushing of the pipes to rid them of any blockages, cleaning of the floors, ceilings and walls and application of an hydrophilic coating to protect the room for 12 months. We will provide you with a comprehensive report and give you, in detail, the exact efficiencies in temperature and air flow that have been achieved, and our work is covered by a limited period warranty.

The Mould Doctor for Health process means that your Cool Room only needs to be cleaned annually – not twice a year as many other cleaning methods require, providing further cost savings.

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Barry Stewart, manager of Mould Doctor For Health, explains the unique Mould Doctor process, and how it can reduce your energy costs in this short video demonstration.

Refrigerated Truck Cleaning

That black stuff you see on your EVAPORATOR in your truck is probably MOULD , Mould can harm you and your staff or clients health . One In ten people in Australia suffer from Asthma ( fact ) Let the MOULD DOCTOR treat for Mould and clean and coat the evaporator condenser and fan , Get a return on your  investment between 3 to  6 months , a fuel saving of between  10 % to  20 %  Excited call the Mould Doctor to find out more about refrigerated truck cleaning Adelaide  Ph 0439 842 054

Our products are safe for cleaning food storage areas, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and nil odour.
A thoroughly clean cool room means increased airflow, greater cooling capacity and energy savings.

Case Study: major Adelaide nursing home

A major Adelaide nursing home asked us to clean their Cool Room in Autumn of 2010. We achieved the following results:

We achieved a major increase in airflow (more is better) from 7.70 m/s to 8.24 m/s.

After the cleaning we measured an incredible 6 degree drop in temperature – without changing any setting on the condenser or thermostat!

These two results show that the cleaning of the cool room has resulted in greater efficiency which will reduce the energy costs.




Mould Doctor for health uses the following 3 stage cleaning process:

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  • Inspection

    Our Inspection process involves the identification of all visible mould, identifying the source of the problem, and making recommendations that provide a real solution to preventing any further mould growth. We do this by way of building forensic science.

    An inspection report is issued, illustrated room by room with photographs showing the exact extent of the mould growth.

    If necessary we will recommend Indoor Air Quality Testing.

  • Removal

    The removal process is unique to our company, where we remove all visible mould from hard surfaces, treat any carpet that may be affected and finally, fog the premises to eliminate existing mould spores.

    Our aim is to restore the premises to a state where the indoor air quality is = to the fresh air outside. This can be verified through an independent laboratory if you wish.

  • Prevention

    Once the mould growth has been removed we provide you with a number of recommendations that will prevent the mould from returning. Each situation requires different prevention strategies as mould can grow for a variety of different reasons.