It is vital for a business to comply with the standards of cleanliness required by the government and health regulators both inside and outside of their establishments. Aside from keeping your business environment clean and tidy, the quality of air is also important, particularly businesses associated with food and beverage storage.

Businesses like distribution warehouses, butchers, supermarkets, fast food outlets, food transport trucks, restaurants, cafes, clubs and pubs, fruit and veggie stores as well as florists rely on cooling systems to preserve their products.  If these cooling systems and the cool rooms/areas themselves are not clean, the consequences can be costly in financial terms and health-wise for your staff and customers.

The Benefits of Professional Cool Room Cleaning

  • Increased cooling capacity and higher efficiency leads to  less food spoilage;

  • Reduced possibility of deterioration in the quality, and extends the shelf life, of products;

  • Elimination of contaminants like bacteria eg. E.Coli bacteria; and

  • Reduced energy cost.  A clean and maintained cooling system produces better air flow thus saving on your power bills.


THe Process of Cool Room Cleaning

  1. Inspection

Our Technician will assess your cool room and the cooling equipment and pipes in relation to biofilm, mould and other contaminants.  Air flow  inside your cool room will also be tested.

  1. Cleaning

Our qualified technicians with then attend to the cleaning required, using professional standard products and expertise,  This includes cleaning of fans, fins, evaporator, walls, floors and ceiling of the room and flushing the pipes.  We will then apply an anti-static and hydrophylic coating to protect the surfaces for 12 months.  This helps to prevent dirt, debris and mould from attaching to the surfaces in your cool room, evaporator and fins. Anti-bacterial treatments can also be applied where needed, and shelving can also be cleaned if requested.  We will then re-test the air flow  and advise you on the efficiency improvements achieved by this process.


  1. Maintenance

After the cleaning process, technicians will advise you on how best to maintain the cleanliness of your cool room and its cooling system.  Our Mould Doctor SA process and products means that cool rooms only have to be cleaned half as often as required using other products and processes. This means savings for you.

A cool room which is not regularly checked and cleaned can lead to serious consequences.  Keep your business protected by engaging professional cleaners who have the right expertise and equipment to get the job done properly, and give you the right advice. Call Mould Doctor SA now.