Mould Doctor

Moulds are not a new thing to most people. Many may have seen them, but did not have an idea what they were. They usually have a black or a dark green colour. They are usually seen on dark corners or on surfaces that are not being used on a regular basis. The moulds are very notorious. They can virtually grow on any surface. That includes even your truck cabins and in your room.

The moulds are very destructive. They destroy most of the surfaces they grow on. And to add on to this, they also cause respiratory complaints in some cases. They cause allergies and asthma attacks in some extreme cases. So how can you stop the growth of moulds? The simple answer is that you cannot stop the growth of moulds. However, you can control their growth. To control their growth, you need to know what conditions favour their growth. The main condition that favours them is the presence of moisture. So you need to reduce the amount of humidity in space you want to reduce the growth of the mould.

Below are ways in which you can reduce the growth of moulds in your truck:-

  • Foods and drinks. You may have noticed that moulds grow on the leftover foods or food particles that have fallen in your truck. They also grow on the spots where you may have spilled your drink. Such mishaps are almost hard to prevent from happening in your truck as you drive. So to reduce the growth of mould in your car you have to clean the spills as soon as you can. When cleaning you have to be very keen not to use too much water. This is because this can lead to more moisture being retained within the car. You also have to use a dry cloth to dry off the area that you have washed.
  • Rice. You might have seen or heard of people who use rice to remove water from their electronics that have fallen into fluids. This is because rice is very good at absorbing moisture from various surfaces. You can place it strategically in your truck so that it can absorb the moisture from your truck.
  • Baking soda. This is another good water absorber. You just have to sprinkle some baking soda on the seats and the carpets, and you let it remain there for an hour or two. You then vacuum it off after-wards.

But then if you try all that but the mould growth in your truck persists, you need to get the Mould Doctor in Adelaide. They are specialists in mould removal. They will come into your house and clean off all the moulds. They will also clean your air conditioner, which may be contributing to the growth in your house. If the growth is in your car, you need to take it to their depot in South Australia. At the depot, the mould doctors are well aware of the need for comfort. During the cleaning, you can take a shower at their facilities to help you relax after a long drive in your truck. Afterwards, you can also make yourself coffee and grab a snack to eat as you watch the T.V at the T.V room. This is all within the depot.

So go ahead and contact the mould doctors for your mould growth solutions.