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Odour Control and Removal


Some unpleasant smells cannot be removed with bleach or soap and water treatment. Treating this kind of odour is a job for skilled professionals with the right products. At All Fresh Cleaning, our advanced knowledge helps us understand how to eliminate any kind of odour such as those caused by fire and smoke, mould and

Odour Control and Removal2022-10-06T15:44:24+10:30

Their mouldy home made them sick and put them in hospital


Article Extract: - Original article Dilvin Yasa: Our mouldy home gave me pneumonia and put me in hospital [http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/lifestyle/health/body-soul-daily/our-mouldy-home-gave-me-pneumonia-and-put-me-in-hospital/news-story/d441b68b265cd1634f5950eaf353bda7]: [July 24, 2016] It never occurred Dilvin Yasa that her family’s health problems could be linked to the musty odour emanating from the bedroom. She attributed her onset of wheezing down to dust, chest infections to a

Their mouldy home made them sick and put them in hospital2016-08-20T16:34:56+09:30

The Health Hazards of Not Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit


Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit is critically important for its longevity and your health. This is true in both domestic and commercial settings. Air Conditioning units  accumulate pollutants from the air, which can build up in the unit over time.  These pollutants will contaminate the air you breathe, posing serious health hazards. Among

The Health Hazards of Not Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit2022-10-06T15:50:19+10:30

Odour Removal


Why Consider Professional Odour Removal Services? Unpleasant odours can appear in a home or business environment for any number of reasons.  In some cases, people are forced to vacate premises, and in extreme situations, others become sick with headaches or nausea when overwhelmed by an offensive smell. Pervasive, lingering odours often require professional help to

Odour Removal2022-10-06T16:13:08+10:30

Cool Room Cleaning


It is vital for a business to comply with the standards of cleanliness required by the government and health regulators both inside and outside of their establishments. Aside from keeping your business environment clean and tidy, the quality of air is also important, particularly businesses associated with food and beverage storage. Businesses like distribution warehouses,

Cool Room Cleaning2022-10-06T16:51:09+10:30

Mould in Air Conditioning Units: Health Risks and Mould Removal Tips


Mould in your air conditioning system poses serious health risks that you might not be aware of. Yes, as indispensable as air conditioning may be, especially during summer, these appliances can harbour disease. It is important to have them regularly checked and maintained by specialist air conditioning cleaning experts to ensure complete safety. Health Problems

Mould in Air Conditioning Units: Health Risks and Mould Removal Tips2022-10-06T16:53:29+10:30

Common Moulds Found at Homes


Common Moulds Found in Homes Moulds are classified as fungi and can be found anywhere.  There are thousands of species of fungi, but it’s important to know the types of mould that grow inside and outside our homes. We all know that mould can pose a threat to our family, especially, children, the elderly and

Common Moulds Found at Homes2022-10-06T16:54:34+10:30

Black Mould


What You Need To Know About Black Mould Our homes offer a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of life. As a living space shared with your loved ones, you naturally want to make sure it's a secure and safe haven. Unfortunately, many people don’t know they are breeding black mould in their homes

Black Mould2016-06-13T08:06:55+09:30

The Primary Cause of Mould Build-up


Causes of Mould Build-up What causes moulds to build up? The answer is moisture - a vital component of mould growth and build-up. But how does moisture enter our home and create mould problems? There are many factors that come into play when it comes to moisture. Among the most common causes are leaky roofs,

The Primary Cause of Mould Build-up2022-10-06T16:56:36+10:30

Mould: A Serious Health Hazard


Health Risk of Moulds Health risks are present almost everywhere and that includes our home. In particular, mould inside our houses present a serious threat to our family’s health and carry risk of disease. When it comes to mitigating health risks associated with mould, prevention is key.  Unlike some other common household irritants, exposure to

Mould: A Serious Health Hazard2022-10-06T16:57:52+10:30
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