Is Your Air Quality Making You Sick?

Cleaning & Purifying Your Air Quality

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Did you know that it is very common for the indoor air quality in your home to be worse than the outdoor air? This is due largely to lack of proper ventilation and improper storage of household products releasing harmful Volatile Organic Compounds as well as hidden sources of moisture which induce the growth of harmful bacteria, mould and other organisms which can directly affect your health. These problems can cause an accumulation of harmful pollutants in your air which can be devastating to your health and especially to the health of your children.

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Air Quality Testing is an additional service that Mould Doctor Adelaide offers. This includes a full report on quality of air at time of testing for you compliance and reporting. These reports are based on World Health International Standards for Air Quality.

Mould Doctor goes through a process to remove the mould, and then treat the mould spores to prevent further mould appearing.

  1. Photograph the area for reporting and compliance
  2. Measure the moisture reading on ceiling and the humidity inside.
  3. Request client to leave property for 4 hours
  4. Place drop sheets down
  5. Treat for visible mould in; 1 x room on walls and ceiling. with GM 6000
  6. Treat for possible air borne mould spores in all rooms through the process of “fogging” with GM 2000
  7. Remove drop sheets
  8. Clean up site
  9. Client can return 4 hours after treatment
  10. Leave behind our “Mould doctor” guide to mould prevention and treatment
  11. Photograph the result for compliance and reporting.
  12.  Send report to client with readings taken and reason for mould and ways to reduce mould from recurring.

Mould is spread through spores and if there is mould present, then there will be mould spores. Part of our process is to treat all rooms in your home for mould spores in the air. The reason is to try to prevent mould from spreading into other rooms, we will also offer some advice on trying to reduce the chance of mould recurring. How we do this is through “fogging” When a Goldmorr Master Technician refers to fogging, it is the process by which the GM2000 is applied within your dwelling. The product is misted by use of a spray device and so can gain far greater and more consistent coverage of an entire home, similar to the steam created when you have a hot shower. Why fog the whole house? It is simple – because mould spores spread. They are carried on your clothing as well as being present in the air. If the entire dwelling is not fogged, then the mould will return in other rooms under the right conditions.

The bottom line here is that we can confidently use GM2000 knowing that you are extremely unlikely to have any reaction to it. It is not going to harm any of your furnishings either.

We have performed many treatments with occupants who suffer with such ailments as asthma and multiple sclerosis and others going through chemotherapy. All have reported improvements in their own wellbeing following mould removal and fogging, with a lot of clients opting for an annual fog regardless of the fact that mould may not be present.

  • This gives the client and understanding prior to remediation and a clearance post remediation.
  • Treating for mould spores and general bacterial particles
  • Part of whole mould treatment package

Why Have Your Air Cleaned?

Barry Stewart is Mould Doctor. This video shows the process of treating and sanitising the air for health and safety reasons. Air Quality Testing is an additional service that Mould Doctor offers.

Find Air Quality Issues that you may not be aware of!


Treatment Includes:

  • Air quality analysis based on meter readings

  • Standards-based classification

  • Before-and-after treatment reporting

  • Analysis of samples, typically 0.3µm to 10µm

  • Analysis of airborne particles, or ATP surface cleanliness

  • Treatment of visible mould with GM6000 and airborne mould spores with GM2000

Professional Mould Removal

Getting on top of mould growth is important for your health and others, as well as for preventing long term cosmetic and structural damage.
Whether you are a landlord, property manager or home owner, it is important that you take mould growth seriously, so call Mould Doctor today to arargne an inspection of your premises.

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