Air Quality Improvement

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Is Your Air Quality Making You Sick?

Cleaning & Purifying Your Air Quality

Protect & improve your health, your family’s health and your children’s health!

Did you know that it is very common for the indoor air quality in your home to be worse than the outdoor air? This is due largely to lack of proper ventilation and improper storage of household products releasing harmful Volatile Organic Compounds as well as hidden sources of moisture which induce the growth of harmful bacteria, mould and other organisms which can directly affect your health. These problems can cause an accumulation of harmful pollutants in your air which can be devastating to your health and especially to the health of your children.

Improve your Air, Improve your Health, Improve your Life!

Why Have Your Air Cleaned?

Barry Stewart is the Mould Doctor. He tells us about his specialty clean and sanitise of split system air con systems.

\Find Air Quality Issues that you may not be aware of!

Treatment Includes:

  • Air quality analysis based on meter readings

  • Standards-based classification

  • Option for before-and-after treatment comparison

  • Analysis of samples, typically 0.3µm to 10µm

  • Analysis of airborne particles, or ATP surface cleanliness

Professional Mould Removal

Getting on top of mould growth is important for your health and others, as well as for preventing long term cosmetic and structural damage.
Whether you are a landlord, property manager or home owner, it is important that you take mould growth seriously, so call Mould Doctor today to arargne an inspection of your premises.

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